Puch Tour
Maritime Demolition, Dartmouth, NS, Canada
Puch Museum, Graz, Austria, Permanent Collection
In summer 2008, I found a secondhand 1973 Austrian-made Puch bicycle at Maritime Demolition, a salvage yard in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and bought it for $10. The bike was covered in souvenir stickers from European countries (including England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy, Slovenia and Austria). Retracing a probable route based on the stickers, in July 2010, I cycled from London to Graz, where the bike was returned and accepted into the permanent collection of the
Six Clays
Photograph plus brick made from a mixture of clays from six defunct brickwork sites in Saskatchewan
Kenderdine Art Gallery (permanent collection)
Saskatoon, SK
Puch Museum.
Induction ceremony into the Puch Museum collection, June 30, 2010