MIT Press
Published 2022
Uncommon Sense: Aesthetics after Marcuse
Speaking with Judith Adler, author of 'Artists in Offices' (1979)
Special Characters, Halifax
Published 2023
The Halifax Conference
New Documents, Los Angeles
Published 2019
Stretching Exercies (with Michael Fernandes)
self-published 2017
Obsolete Concepts: A Locator
self-published 2008
Artists in Artist-Run Centres
self-published 2006
Biblio Files: Cuba's Independent Libraries
self-published 2005
Note for Gerry
self-published 2011
Odette Vioget: apparatus and method/appareil et m├ęthode
Elevenfifty Editions. Kingston
Published 2003
Non-Trivial Characters
Double Happiness Projects, Toronto
Published 2018